The Book of Jubilees

Chapter 7

7:1 “And in the seventh week, in the first year thereof, in this jubilee, Noah planted vines on this hill upon which the ark had rested, named Lubar, the Ararat Mountains, and they produced fruit in the fourth year, and he watched their fruit and gathered them in this year in the seventh month, and he made wine of it, and put it into a vessel and kept it until the fifth year, until the first day of the new moon of the first month.”
7:2 “And he celebrated this day in rejoicing as a festival, and he made a sacrifice unto the Lord, a young one from among the oxen and a ram and a sheep, each seven years old, and a young goat, that he might thereby obtain pardon for himself and his sons.”
7:3 “And he prepared the goat first, and he placed of its blood upon the flesh of the altar which he had made, and all the fat he laid upon the altar where he was sacrificing to the Lord, and of the ox and the sheep he also placed the flesh upon the altar.”
7:4 “And he made all the fruit offerings thereof mixed with oil upon them, and thereupon he first scattered wine upon the fire on the altar, and placed incense upon the altar, and a sweet savor ascended which was acceptable before the Lord his God.”
7:5 “And he and his children rejoiced and drank of this wine in joy.”
7:6 “And it was evening, and he went into his tent, and he lay down drunken, and he slept, and he was uncovered in his tent while sleeping.”
7:7 “And Ham saw his father naked, and going out he told it to his two brothers without.”
7:8 “And Shem took his garment and arose, he and Japheth, and they carried the garment upon their shoulders, and their faces backward, and covered the shame of their father.”
7:9 “And Noah awoke from his sleep and learned everything that his youngest sons had done to him; and he cursed his son and said: “Cursed be Canaan, a slaving servant shall he be to his brothers.”
7:10 “And he blessed Shem: “Blessed/praised be the Lord God of Shem, and may Canaan be his servant; and may the Lord extend Japheth and may the Lord dwell in the tent of Shem, and Canaan shall be his servant!”
7:11 “And Ham knew that his father had cursed his youngest son, and he became displeased with him because he had cursed his son and he separated himself from his father, he and his sons with him, Chush, and Meshrem, and Pud, and Canaan.”
7:12 “And he built for himself a city, and called its name after the name of his wife Neelata Mek.”
7:13 “And Japheth saw it and became envious of his brother, and he too built a city, and called its name after the name of his wife Adalenses.”
7:14 “But Shem dwelt with his father Noah, and he built a city by the side of his father on the hill, and he too called its name by the name of his wife Sedukatelbab.”
7:15 “And behold these three cities are near Mount Lubar: Sedukatelbab on the side of the hill on the east; Neultemauk on the south side; and Adalaneses toward the west; and these are the sons of Shem: Elam, and Asur, and Arpakeed: this is the generation after the second year of the flood(?) . . . these are the children of Noah.”
7:16 “And in the twenty eighth jubilee he began to command the sons of his sons the ordinances and the commandments all as he had learned them and the judgments, and he testified to his sons that they should observe righteousness, and that they should cover the shame of their flesh, and that they should bless/praise him who created them, and should honor father and mother, and each should love his neighbor, and should preserve their souls from all fornication and from all uncleanness and unrighteousness.”
7:17 “For on account of these three things the deluge came over the earth, namely on account of fornication, in which the Watchmen indulged against the commandments of their law, with the daughters of men, and took to themselves wives from all whom they chose and made the beginning of uncleanness.”
7:18 “And they begat sons, the Naphidem, and they were all unlike and they devoured one another: the giant slew the Naphil, and the Naphil slew Eljo, and Eljo the children of men, and all publicly practiced every unrighteousness and shed much blood, and the earth was filled with unrighteousness; and after all these the animals, and the beasts, and the birds, and whatever walks and moves on the earth; and much blood was spilt on the earth, and all the thoughts and deeds of men were wicked in all the days.”
7:19 “And the Lord destroyed everything from the face of the earth on account of their deeds and on account of the blood which was spilt over the earth.”
7:20 “And we were left, I and you, my sons, and everything that entered with us into the ark, and behold I am the first to see your works that you do not walk in righteousness, for in the path of destruction have you commenced to walk, and are separating yourselves each from his neighbor, and are envious the one of the other, and are not in harmony each with his neighbor and his brother.”
7:21 “And yet, my sons, for I see and behold the satans have commenced to lead astray you and your children; and now I fear on your behalf that after my death you will spill the blood of men over the face of the earth, and that you too will be destroyed from its face.”
7:22 “For every one that sheds the blood of any man, and every one that eats the blood in any flesh, shall all be destroyed from the earth.”
7:23 “And there shall not be left any man who eats blood and who sheds blood upon the earth, and there shall not be left alone for him any seed or children under heaven; for they will go into Sheol, and into the place of judgment they will descend, in the darkness of the deep they will all be cast by a terrible death.”
7:24 “With regard to all blood over you which is in all the days that you sacrifice an animal or a beast or whatever flies over the earth, and do a good deed concerning your souls in your covering of that which has been spilt over the face of the earth.”
7:25 “And you shall not be like him that eats with blood; be strong that no one eat blood in your presence: bury the blood in the earth; for as I have been commanded, I testify to you and your children together with all flesh.”
7:26 “And you shall not eat the soul with the meat, that you be not those of whom your blood, that is, your soul, be demanded from the hands of every one that sheds blood on the earth.”
7:27 “For the earth will not be clean of the blood which has been spilt upon it, but only by the blood of him that shed it will the earth be cleansed in all the generations of the earth.”
7:28 “And now, my children, obey and practice righteousness and justice so that you be planted in righteousness upon the whole face of the earth, and that your renown be elevated before my God who has saved me from the water of the deluge.”
7:29 “And, behold, you will proceed and build for yourselves cities and will plant in them all that bears fruit; for three years its fruit shall not be gathered to eat it, and in the fourth year the fruit shall be sanctified, and the first fruits which they gather shall be brought before the Lord our God, the Most High, who created heaven and earth and all things, so that they bring in fatness the first of the wine and oil as firstfruits upon the altar of the Lord who receives it; and what is left the servants of the house of the Lord shall eat before the altar which he has accepted.”
7:30 “And in the fifth year make the release, so that you release them in righteousness and justice, and you shall be just and all your plants shall be right.”
7:31 “For thus did Enoch the father of your father Methusaleh, command his sons, and Methusaleh his son Lamech, and Lamech commanded me all the things which his father commanded him; but I command it to you, my children, just as Enoch commanded his son in his first jubilee; while he was alive, in his generation the seventh, he commanded and testified to his son and to the sons of his sons until the day of his death.”

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