The Book of Jubilees

Chapter 9

9:1 “And Ham divided among his sons; and the first portion came out for Ques toward the east, and to the west of him for Phud, and to the west of him for Kainan toward the west of the sea.”
9:2 “And Shem also divided among his sons, and the first portion came forth for Elam and his sons toward the east of the river Tiger, until it approaches the east, the whole land of India and on the Erythrian and its coast, and the waters of Dedan and all the mountains of Mebri and Ela, and all the land of Susan, and all that is on the side of the Phernak to the Erythrian sea and the river Tina.”
9:3 “But for Asur came forth a second portion, all the land of Asur and Nineva and Sinaor and to the border of India, and ascends along the river.”
9:4 “And for Arphaksed came forth a third portion, all the land of the district of the Chaldees toward the east of the Euphrates, bordering on the Erythrian sea, and all the waters of the desert until near to the tongue of the sea which looks toward Egypt, and all the sand of Lebanon and Saner and Amana to the border of the Euphrates.”
9:5 “And for Aram came forth as a fourth portion all the land of Mesopotamia, between the Tiger and the Euphrates, toward the north of the Chaldees, to the border of the mountains of Asur.”
9:6 “And the land of Arara came out as a fifth portion to his son, the mountains of Asur and all belonging to them until it reaches to the east of Asur, his brother.”
9:7 “And Japhet, too, divided the land of his inheritance between his sons, and the first portion came forth for Gomer toward the east, from the north side to the river Tina. And in the north there came out for Magog all the inner portions of the north until it reaches the sea Meat.”
9:8 “And for Madai came forth as his portion that he should possess, to the west of his two brothers, unto the islands and unto the coasts of the islands. And to Egawan came forth as a fourth portion all the islands, and the islands which are toward Edalud.”
9:9 “And for Tobel came forth as a fifth portion, between the tongue which approaches toward the side of the portion of Lud, to the second tongue, unto beyond the second tongue into the third tongue.”
9:10 “And for Melek came forth as a sixth portion, all that beyond the third tongue, until it approaches to the east of Gadir.”
9:11 “And for Tiras came forth a seventh portion; four great islands in the midst of the sea, which approach to the portion of Ham; and the islands of Kamatura came out for the sons of Arphaksed in his division of his inheritance by lot.”
9:12 “And thus the sons of Noah divided out to their children, in the presence of Noah their father, and he caused them to swear an oath cursing him who endeavored to seize a portion which had not been allotted him. And they all said: “Thus be it! Thus be it!” for themselves and for their descendants to eternity in their generations, until the day of judgment, on which the Lord God will judge them with a sword and with fire for all the wickedness of uncleanness which they have committed in that they filled the earth with transgression, uncleanness, fornication, and sin.”

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