The General Epistle of Barnabas

Chapter 14

14:1 “And this, I trust, I have declared to you as much, and with as great simplicity as I could, those things which make for your salvation, so as not to have omitted anything that might be requisite thereunto.”
14:2 “For should I speak further of the things that now are, and of those that are to come, you would not yet understand them, seeing they lie in parables. This therefore shall suffice as to these things.”
14:3 “Let us now go on to the other kind of knowledge and doctrine. There are two ways of doctrine and power; the one of light, the other of darkness.”
14:4 “But there is a great deal of difference between these two ways: for over one are appointed the angels of God, the leaders of the way of light; over the other, the angels of Satan. And the one is the Lord from everlasting to everlasting; the other is the prince of the time of unrighteousness.”
14:5 “Now the way of light is this, if any one desires to attain to the place that is appointed for him, and will hasten there by his works. And the knowledge that has been given to us for walking in it, to this effect: you shall love him that made you: you shall glorify him that has redeemed you from death.”
14:6 “You shall be simple in heart, and rich in the spirit. you shall not cleave to those that walk in the way of death. You shall hate to do anything that is not pleasing to God. You shall abhor all dissimulation. You shall not neglect any of the commands of the Lord.”
14:7 “You shall not exalt yourself, but shall be humble. You shall not take honor to yourself. You shall not enter into any wicked counsel against your neighbor. You shall not be over-confident in your heart.”
14:8 “You shall not commit fornication, nor adultery. Neither shall you corrupt yourself with mankind. You shall not make use of the word of God, to any impurity.”
14:9 “You shall not accept any man’s person, when you reprove any one’s faults. You shall be gentle. You shall be quiet. You shall reverence the words which you have heard. You shall not keep any hatred in your heart against your brother. You shall not entertain any doubt whether it shall be or not.”
14:10 “You shall not take the name of the Lord in vain. You shall love your neighbor above your own soul.”
14:11 “You shall not destroy your conceptions before they are brought forth; nor kill them after they are born.”
14:12 “You shall not withdraw your hand from your son, or from your offspring; but shall teach them from their youth the reverence of the Lord.”
14:13 “You shall not covet your neighbor’s goods; neither shall you be an extortioner. Neither shall your heart be joined to proud men; but you shall be numbered among the righteous and the lowly. Whatever events shall happen to you, you shall receive them as good.”
14:14 “You shall not be double-minded, or double-tongued; for a double tongue is the snare of death. You shall be subject to the Lord and to inferior/lessor masters as to the representatives of God, in fear and reverence.”
14:15 “You shall not be bitter in your commands towards any of your servants that trust in God; unless you chance not to reverence him who is over both; because he came not to call any with respect of persons, but whomsoever the spirit had prepared.”
14:16 “You shall communicate to your neighbor of all you have; you shall not call anything your own: for if you partake in such things as are incorruptible, how much more should you do it in those that are corruptible?”
14:17 “You shall not be forward to speak; for the mouth is the snare of death. Strive for your soul with all your might. Reach not out your hand to receive, and withhold it not when you should give.”
14:18 “You shall love, as the apple of your eye, every one that speaks to you the Word of the Lord. Call to your remembrance, day and night, the future judgement.”
14:19 “You shall seek out every day the persons of the righteous: and both consider and go about to exhort others by the word, and meditate how you may save a soul.”
14:20 “You shall also labor with your hands to give to the poor, that your sins may be forgiven you. You shall not deliberate whether you should give: nor having given, murmur at it.”
14:21 “Give to every one that asks: so shall you know who is the good rewarder of your gifts.”
14:22 “Keep what you have received; you shall neither add to it nor take from it.”
14:23 “Let the wicked be always your aversion. You shall judge righteous judgment. You shall never cause divisions; but shall make peace between those that are at variance, and bring them together.”
14:24 “You shall confess your sins; and not come to your prayer with an evil conscience.”
14:25 “This is the way of light.”

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