The General Epistle of Barnabas

Chapter 3

3:1 “Wherefore it is necessary that searching diligently into those things which are near to come to pass, we should write to you what may serve to keep you whole.”
3:2 “To which end let us flee from every evil work and hate the errors of the present time, that we may be happy in that which is to come.”
3:3 “Let us not give ourselves the liberty of disputing with the wicked and sinners; unless we should chance in time to become like to them.”
3:4 “For the consummation of sin is come, as it is written, as the prophet Daniel says. And for this end the Lord has shortened the times and the days, that his beloved might hasten his coming to his inheritance.”
3:5 “For so the prophet speaks; “There shall ten kings reign in the heart, and there shall rise last of all another little one, and he shall humble three kings.”
3:6 “And again Daniel speaks in like manner concerning the kingdoms; “And I saw the fourth beast dreadful and terrible, and strong exceedingly; and it had ten horns. I considered the horns, and behold there came up among them another little horn, before which were three of the first horns plucked up by the roots.”
3:7 “We ought therefore to understand this also. And I beseech you as one of your own brothers, loving you all beyond my own life, that you look well to yourselves, and be not like to those who add sin to sin and say: “Their covenant is ours also.” No, but it is ours only: for they have forever lost that which Moses received.”
3:8 “For this is what the Scriptures say: And Moses continued fasting forty days and forty nights in the Mount, and he received the covenant from the Lord, even the two tablets of stone, written by the hand of God.”
3:9 “But having turned themselves to idols they lost it; as the Lord also said to Moses; Moses, go down quickly, for your people which you have brought forth out of Egypt, have corrupted themselves, and turned aside from the way which I commanded them. And Moses cast the two tablets out of his hands: and their covenant was broken; that the love of Jesus might be sealed in your hearts, to the hope of his faith/truth.”
3:10 “Wherefore let us give heed to the last times. For all the time past of our life, and our faith/truth will profit us nothing; unless we continue to hate what is evil, and to withstand the future temptations. So the Son of God tells us; Let us resist all iniquity and hate it.”
3:11 “Wherefore consider the works of the evil way. Do not withdraw yourselves from others, as if you were already justified; but coming altogether in one place, inquire what is agreeable to and profitable for the beloved of God. For the Scriptures say; Woe to them that are wise in their own eyes, and prudent in their sight.”
3:12 “Let us become spiritual, a perfect temple to God. As much as in us lies let us meditate upon the reverence of God; and strive to the utmost of our power to keep his commandments; that we may rejoice in his righteous judgements.”
3:13 “For God will judge the world without respect of persons: and every one shall receive according to his works.”
3:14 “If a man shall be good, his righteousness shall go before him; if wicked, the reward of his wickedness shall follow him.”
3:15 “Take heed therefore lest sitting still, now that we are called, we fall asleep in our sins; and the wicked one getting the dominion over us, stir us up, and shut us out of the kingdom of the Lord.”
3:16 “Consider this also: although you have seen so great signs and wonders among the people of the Jews, yet this notwithstanding the Lord has forsaken them.”
3:17 “Beware therefore, unless it happen to us; as it is written. There may be many called, but few chosen.”

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