The General Epistle of Barnabas

Chapter 5

5:1 “And when he had fulfilled the commandment of God, What says he? Who will contend with me? Let him stand against me: or who is he that will impede me? Let him draw near to the servant of the Lord. Woe be to you! Because you shall all wax old as a garment, the moth shall eat you up.”
5:2 “And again the prophet adds, He is put for a stone for stumbling. Behold I lay in Zion for a foundation, a precious stone, a choice corner stone; an honorable stone. And what follows? And he that hopes in him shall live for ever.”
5:3 “What then? Is our hope built upon a stone? God forbid. But because the Lord has hardened his flesh against sufferings, he said, I have put me as a firm rock.”
5:4. “And again the prophet adds; The stone which the builders refused has become the head of the corner. And again he said; This is the great and wonderful day which the Lord has made. I write these things the more plainly to you that you may understand: For indeed I could be content even to die for your sakes.”
5:5 “But what said the prophet again? The counsel of the wicked encompassed me about. They came about me, as bees about the honey-comb: and upon my vesture they cast lots.”
5:6 “For as much then as our Savior was to appear in the flesh and suffer, his passion was hereby foretold.”
5:7 “For this said the prophet against Israel: Woe be to their soul, because they have taken wicked counsel against themselves, saying, let us lay snares for the righteous, because he is unprofitable to us.”
5:8 “Moses also in like manner speaks to them; Behold this is what the Lord God says; Enter you into the good land of which the Lord has sworn to Abraham, and Isaac, and Jacob, that he would give it to you, and possess it, a land flowing with milk and honey.”
5:9 “Now what the spiritual meaning of this is, learn; It is as if it had been said, Put your trust in Jesus, who shall be manifested to you in the flesh. For man is the earth which suffers: for as much as out of the substance of the earth Adam was formed.”
5:10 “What therefore does he mean when he says, Into a good land flowing with milk and honey? Blessed be our Lord, who has given us wisdom, and a heart to understand his secrets, For so says the prophet, Who shall understand the hard sayings of the Lord? But he that is wise, and intelligent, and that loves his Lord.”
5:11 “Seeing therefore he has renewed us by the remission of our sins, he has put us into another frame, that we should have souls like those of children, forming us again himself by the spirit.”
5:12 “For the Scripture says this concerning us, where it introduces the Father speaking to the Son; Let us make man after our likeness and similitude; and let them have dominion over the beasts of the earth, and over the fowls of the air, and the fish of the sea.”
5:13 “And when the Lord saw the man which he had formed, that behold he was very good; he said, Increase and multiply, and replenish the earth. And this he spoke to his son.
5:14 “I will now show you, how he made/will make us a new creature, in the latter days.”
5:15 “The Lord says; Behold I will make the last as the first. Wherefore the prophet spoke this, Enter into the land flowing with milk and honey, and have dominion over it.”
5:16 “Wherefore you see how we are again formed anew; as also he speaks by another prophet; Behold says the Lord, I will take from them, that is, from those whom the spirit of the Lord foresaw, their hearts of stone, and I will put in them hearts of flesh.”
5:17 “Because he was about to be made manifest in the flesh and to dwell among us.”
5:18 “For, my brothers, the habitation of our heart is a holy temple to the Lord. For the Lord says again. In what place shall I appear before the Lord my God, and be glorified?”
5:19 “He answers I will confess to you in the congregation in the midst of my brothers; and will sing to you in the Church/congregation of the saints/elect.”
5:20 “Wherefore we are they whom he has brought into that good land.”
5:21 “But what signifies the milk and honey? Because as the child is nourished first with milk, and then with honey; so we being kept alive by the belief/understanding of his promises, and his word, shall live and have dominion over the land.”
5:22 “For he foretold above, saying, increase and multiply, and have dominion over the fishes, etc.”
5:23 “But who is there that is now able to have this dominion over the wild beasts, or fishes, or fowls of the air? For you know that to rule is to have power, that a man should be set over what he rules.”
5:24 “But for as much as this we have not now, he tells us when we shall have it; namely, when we shall become perfect, that we may be made the inheritors of the covenant of the Lord.

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