The General Epistle of Barnabas

Chapter 6

6:1 “Understand then my beloved children, that the good God has before manifested all things to us, that we might know to whom we ought always to give thanks and praise.”
6:2 “If therefore the Son of God who is the Lord of all, shall come to judge both the quick and dead, has suffered, that by his stripes we might live: let us understand that the Son of God could not have suffered but for us. But being crucified, they gave him vinegar and gall to drink.”
6:3 “Hear therefore how the priests of the temple did fore show this also: the Lord by his command which was written, declared that whosoever did not fast the appointed fast he should die the death: because he also was himself one day to offer up his body for our sins; that so the type of what was done in Isaac might be fulfilled, who was offered upon the altar.”
6:4 “What therefore is it that he says by the prophet? And let them eat of the goat which is offered in the day of the fast for all their sins. Listen diligently (my brothers,) and all the priests, and they only shall eat the inwards not washed with vinegar.”
6:5 “Why so? Because I know that when I shall hereafter offer my flesh for the sins of a new people, you will give me vinegar to drink mixed with gall; therefore do you only eat, the people fasting the while, and lamenting in sackcloth and ashes.”
6:6 “And that he might fore show that he was to suffer for them, hear then how he appointed it.”
6:7 “Take, he says, two lambs, fair and alike, and offer them, and let the high priest take one of them for a burnt offering. And what must be done with the other? Let it he says be accursed.”
6:8 “Consider how exactly this appears to have been a type of Jesus. And let all the congregation spit upon it, and prick it; and put the scarlet wool about its head, and thus let it be carried forth into the wilderness.”
6:9 “And this being done, he that was appointed to convey the goat, led it into the wilderness, and took away the scarlet wool, and put it upon a thorn bush, whose young sprouts when we find them in the field we are wont to eat: so the fruit of that thorn only is sweet.”
6:10 “And to what end was this ceremony? Consider; one was offered upon the altar, the other was accursed.”
6:11 “And why was that which was accursed crowned? Because they shall see Christ in that day having a scarlet garment about his body; and shall say: Is not this he whom we crucified, having despised him, pierced him, mocked him? Certainly, this is he, who then said, that he was the Son of God.”
6:12 “As therefore he shall be then like to what he was on earth, so were the Jews heretofore commanded, to take two lambs fair and equal. That when they shall see (our Savior) hereafter coming (in the clouds of heaven), they may be amazed at the likeness of the lambs.”
6:13 “Wherefore you here again see a type of Jesus who was to suffer for us.”
6:14 “But what then signifies this. That the wool was to be put into the midst of the thorns?”
6:15 “This also is a figure of Jesus sent out to the called out ones. For as he who would take away the scarlet wool must undergo many difficulties, because that thorn was very sharp, and with difficulty get it: So they, said Christ, that will see me, and come to my kingdom, must through many afflictions and troubles attain to me.”

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