The General Epistle of Barnabas

Chapter 7

7:1 “But what type do you suppose it to have been, where it is commanded to the people of Israel, that grown persons in whom sins are come to perfection, should offer an heifer, and after they had killed it should burn the same.”
7:2 “But then young men should take up the ashes and put them in vessels; and tie a piece of scarlet wool and hyssop upon a stick, and so the young men should sprinkle every one of the people, and they should be clear from their sins.”
7:3 “Consider how all these are delivered in a figure to us.”
7:4 “This heifer is Jesus Christ; the wicked men that were to offer it are those sinners who brought him to death: who afterwards have no more to do with it; the sinners have no more the honor of handling of it.”
7:5 “But the young men that performed the sprinkling, signified those who preach to us the forgiveness of sins and the purification of the heart, to whom the Lord gave authority to preach his Message: being at the beginning twelve, to signify the tribes, because there were twelve tribes of Israel.”
7:6 “But why were there three young men appointed to sprinkle? To denote Abraham, and Isaac, and Jacob, because they were great before God.”
7:7 “And why was the wool put upon a stick? Because the kingdom of Jesus was founded upon the cross, and therefore they that put their trust in him, shall live for ever.”
7:8 “But why was the wool and hyssop put together? To signify that in the kingdom of Christ there shall be evil and filthy days, in which however we shall be saved; and because he that has any disease in the flesh by some filthy humors is cured by hyssop.”
7:9 “Wherefore these things being thus done, are to us indeed evident, but to the Jews they are obscure; because they listened not to the voice of the Lord.”

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