Joseph and Aseneth

Chapter 19

19:1 “And while they were still speaking this way a boy came and said to Aseneth, Behold, Joseph is standing at the doors of our court.”
19:2 “And Aseneth hurried and went down the stairs from the upper floor with the seven virgins to meet Joseph and stood in the entrance of the house.”
19:3 “And Joseph entered the court and the gates were closed, and all strangers remained outside.”
19:4 “And Aseneth went out of the entrance to meet Joseph, and Joseph saw her and was amazed at her beauty, and said to her, Who are you? Quickly tell me.”
19:5 “And she said to him, I am your maidservant Aseneth, and all the idols I have thrown away from me and they were destroyed. And a man came to me from heaven today, and gave me bread of life and I ate, and a cup of blessing and I drank. And he said to me, I have given you for a bride to Joseph today, and he himself will be your bridegroom for ever and ever. And he said to me, Your name will no longer be called Aseneth, but your name will be called City of Refuge and the Lord God will reign as king over many nations for ever, because in you many nations will take refuge with the Lord God, the Most High.”
19:6 “And the man said to me, I will also go to Joseph and speak into his ears concerning you what I have to say.”
19:7 “And now, you know, my Lord, whether that man has come to you and spoken to you concerning me.”
19:8 “And Joseph said to Aseneth, Blessed are you by the Most High God, and blessed is your name forever, because the Lord God founded your walls in the highest, and your walls are adamantine walls of life, because the sons of the living God will dwell in your City of Refuge, and the Lord God will reign as king over them for ever and ever.”
19:9 “For this man came to me today and spoke to me words such as these concerning you. And now, come to me, chaste virgin, and why do you stand far away from me?”
19:10 “And Joseph stretched out his hands and called Aseneth by a wink of his eyes. And Aseneth also stretched out her hands and ran up to Joseph and fell on his breast. And Joseph put his arms around her, and Aseneth put hers around Joseph, and they kissed each other for a long time and both came to life in their spirit.”
19:11 “And Joseph kissed Aseneth and gave her spirit of life, and he kissed her the second time and gave her spirit of wisdom, and he kissed her the third time and gave her spirit of truth.”

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