Joseph and Aseneth

Chapter 22

22:1 “And it happened after this: The seven years of plenty passed and the seven years of famine began to come.”
22:2 “And Jacob heard about Joseph his son, and Israel went to Egypt with his whole family, in the second year of the famine, in the second month, on the twenty-first of the month, and dwelt in the land of Goshen.”
22:3 “And Aseneth said to Joseph, I will go and see your father, because your father Israel is like a father to me and a god.”
22:4 “And Joseph said to her, You shall go with me and see my father.”
22:5 “And Joseph and Aseneth went to the land of Goshen to Jacob. And Joseph’s brothers met them and prostrated themselves face down to the ground before them.”
22:6 “And they went in to Jacob. And Israel was sitting on his bed, and he was an old man in comfortable old age.”
22:7 “And Aseneth saw him and was amazed at his beauty, because Jacob was exceedingly beautiful to look at, and his old age was like the youth of a handsome young man, and his head was all white as snow, and the hairs of his head were all exceedingly close and thick like those of an Ethiopian, and his beard was white reaching down to his breast, and his eyes were flashing and darting flashes of lightning, and his sinews and his shoulders and his arms were like those of an angel, and his thighs and his calves and his feet like those of a giant. And Jacob was like a man who had wrestled with God.”
22:8 “And Aseneth saw him and was amazed, and prostrated herself before him face down to the ground. And Jacob said to Joseph, Is this my daughter-in-law, your wife? Blessed she will be by the Most High God.”
22:9 “And Jacob called her to himself and blessed her and kissed her. And Aseneth stretched out her hands and grasped Jacob’s neck and hung herself on her father’s neck just like someone hangs on to his father’s neck when he returns from fighting into his house, and she kissed him.”
22:10 “And after this they ate and drank. And Joseph and Aseneth went back to their house.”
22:11 “And Simeon and Levi, Joseph’s brethren, the sons of Leah, alone escorted them; but the sons of Zilpah and Bilhah, Leah’s and Rachel’s maidservants, did not escort them, because they envied them and were hostile against them.”
22:12 “And Levi was on Aseneth’s right side and Joseph on her left.”
22:13 “And Aseneth grasped Levi’s hand. And Aseneth loved Levi exceedingly beyond all of Joseph’s brethren, because he was one who attached himself to the Lord, and he was a prudent man and a prophet of the Most High and sharp-sighted with his eyes, and he used to see letters written in heaven by the finger of God and he knew the unspeakable mysteries of the Most High God and revealed them to Aseneth in secret, because he himself, Levi, would love Aseneth very much, and see her place of rest in the highest, and her walls like adamantine eternal walls, and her foundations found upon the rock of the seventh heaven.”

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