Joseph and Aseneth

Chapter 23

23:1 “And it happened while Joseph and Aseneth were passing by, Pharaoh’s firstborn son saw them from the wall. And he saw Aseneth and was cut to the heart, and for some time he was heavily indignant and felt sick because of her beauty. And he said, Thus it shall not be.”
23:2 “And Pharaoh’s son sent messengers and called to him Simeon and Levi. And the men came to him and stood before him. And Pharaoh’s firstborn son said to them, I know today that you are powerful men beyond all men on the earth, and by these right hands of yours the city of the Shechemites has been overthrown, and by these two swords of yours thirty thousand fighting men were cut down.”
23:3 “And behold, today I will take you as companions for myself, and give you plenty of gold and silver, and servants and maids and houses and big estates as inheritance. Only do this thing and show mercy on me, for I have been insulted very much by your brother Joseph, for he himself took Aseneth my envisaged wife who was betrothed to me from the beginning.”
23:4 “And now, come assist me, and we will make war on Joseph, your brother, and I will kill him with my sword, and have Aseneth for my wife, and you will be to me brothers and faithful friends.”
23:5 “However, do this thing. But if you are too cowardly to do this thing, and despise my purpose, behold, my sword is prepared against you.”
23:6 “And while he was saying this, he exposed his sword and showed it to them. But when the men, Simeon and Levi, heart these words, they were exceedingly cut to the heart, because Pharaoh’s son had spoken to them in a tyrannical fashion.”
23:7 “And Simeon was a daring and bold man, and he intended to lay his hand on the handle of his sword and draw it from its sheath and strike Pharaoh’s son, because he had spoken defiant things to them.”
23:8 “And Levi saw the intention of his heart, because Levi was a prophet, and he was sharp-sighted with both his mind and his eyes, and he used to read what is written in the heart of men. And Levi trod with his foot on Simeon’s right foot and pressed it and thus signaled him to cease from his wrath.”
23:9 “And Levi said to Simeon quietly, Why are you furious with anger with this man? And we are men who worship God, and it does not befit us to repay evil for evil.”
23:10 “And Levi said to Pharaoh’s son with frankness, his face cheerful, and there was not the least bit of anger in him, but in meekness of heart he said to him, Why does our lord speak words such as these? And we are men who worship God, and our father is a friend of the Most High God, and Joseph our brother is like the firstborn son of God.”
23:11 “And how could we do this wicked thing, and sin before our God and before our father Israel and before our brother Joseph?”
23:12 “And now, listen to my words. It does not befit a man who worships God to injure anyone in any way. And if anyone wants to injure a man who worships God, that first-mentioned man who worships God does not succor him (the injurer), because a sword is not in his hands.”
23:13 “And you at least guard against speaking any longer about our brother Joseph words such as these. But if you insist on this wicked purpose of yours, behold, our swords are drawn in our right hands before you.”
23:14 “And Simeon and Levi drew their swords from their sheaths and said, Behold, have you seen these swords? With these two swords the Lord God punished the insult of the Shechemites by which they insulted the sons of Israel, because of our sister Dinah whom Shechem the son of Hamor had defiled.”
23:15 “And the son of Pharaoh saw their swords drawn and was exceedingly afraid and trembled over his whole body, because their swords were flashing forth like a flame of fire, and the eyes of Pharaoh’s son darkened, and he fell on his face on the ground beneath their feet.”
23:16 “And Levi stretched out his right hand and grasped him and said to him, Rise and do not be afraid. Only guard against speaking any longer a wicked word about our brother Joseph.”
23:17 “And Simeon and Levi went away from the presence of Pharaoh’s son.”

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