Joseph and Aseneth

Chapter 3

3:1 “And it happened in the first year of the seven years of plenty, in the fourth month, on the eighteenth of the month; Joseph came into the territory of Heliopolis and was gathering the surplus grain of that region.”
3:2 “And when he had come close to that city, Joseph sent twelve men ahead of him to Pentephres the priest, saying, I will lodge with you because it is the hour of noon and the time of lunch, and the heat of the sun is great, and I desire that I may refresh myself under the shadow of your house.”
3:3 “And Pentephres heard this, and rejoiced exceedingly with great joy and said, Blessed is the Lord, the God of Joseph, because my lord Joseph thought me worthy to come to us.”
3:4 “And Pentephres called the steward of his house and said to him, Hurry and make my house ready and prepare a great dinner, because Joseph, the Powerful One of God, is coming to us today.”
3:5 “And Aseneth heard that her father and mother had come from the field, which was their inheritance, and rejoiced and said, I will go and see my father and my mother because they have come from the field which is our inheritance. For it was the time of harvest.”
3:6 “And Aseneth hurried into the chamber, where her robes lay, and dressed in a white linen robe interwoven with violet and gold, and girded herself with a golden girdle and put bracelets on her hands and feet, and put golden buskins about her feet, and around her neck she put valuable ornaments and costly stones which hung around from all sides, and the names of the gods of the Egyptians were engraved everywhere on the bracelets and the stones, and the faces of all the idols were carved on them. And she put a tiara on her head and fastened a diadem around her temples, and covered her head with a veil.”

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