Joseph and Aseneth

Chapter 8

8:1 “And Aseneth’s mother went up to the upper floor and brought her and stood her before Joseph. And Pentephres said to his daughter Aseneth, Greet your brother, because he, too, is a virgin like you today and hates every strange woman, as you, too, every strange man.”
8:2 “And Aseneth said to Joseph, Be of good cheer, my lord, blessed by the Most High Lord.”
8:3 “And Joseph said to Aseneth, May the Lord God who gives life to all things bless you.”
8:4 “And Pentephres said to his daughter Aseneth, Go up and kiss your brother.”
8:5 “And as Aseneth went up to kiss Joseph, Joseph stretched out his right hand and put it on her chest between her two breasts, and her breasts were already standing upright like handsome apples. And Joseph said, It is not fitting for a man who worships God, who will bless with his mouth the living God and eat blessed bread of life and drink a blessed cup of immortality and anoint himself with blessed ointment if incorruptibility to kiss a strange women who will bless with her mouth dead and dumb idols and eat from their table bread of strangulation and drink from their libation a cup of insidiousness and anoint herself with ointment of destruction.”
8:6 “But a man who worships God will kiss his mother and the sister who is born of his mother and the sister who is born of his clan and family and the wife who shares his bed, all of whom bless with their mouths the living God.”
8:7 “Likewise, for a woman who worships God it is not fitting to kiss a strange man, because this is an abomination before the Lord God.”
8:8 “And when Aseneth heard these words of Joseph, she was cut to the heart strongly and was distressed exceedingly and sighed, and she kept gazing at Joseph with her eyes open and her eyes were filled with tears. And Joseph saw her, and had mercy on her exceedingly, and was himself cut to the heart, because Joseph was meek and merciful and fearing God.”
8:9 “And he lifted up his right hand and put it upon her head and said: Lord God of my father Israel, the Most High, the Powerful One of Jacob, who gave life to all things and called them from the darkness to the light, and from the error to the truth, and from the death to the life, you, Lord, bless this virgin, and renew her by your spirit, and form her anew by your hidden hand, and make her alive again by your life, and let her eat your bread of life, and brink your cup of blessing, and number her among your people that you have chosen before all things came into being, and let her enter your rest which you have prepared for your chosen ones, and live in your eternal life for ever and ever.”

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