The Book of Jasher

Chapter 45

45:1 “And it was at that time in that year, which is the year of Joseph’s going down to Egypt after his brothers had sold him, that Reuben the son of Jacob went to Timnah and took to him for a wife Eliuram, the daughter of Avi the Canaanite, and he came to her.”
45:2 “And Eliuram the wife of Reuben conceived and bare him Hanoch, Phalu, Hezron and Carmi, four sons; and Simeon his brother took his sister Dinah for a wife, and she bare to him Jemuel, Jamin, Ohad, Jachin and Zohar, five sons.” (Gen 46:9)
45:3 “And he afterward came to Bunah, the Canaanitish woman, the same is Bunah whom Simeon took captive from the city of Shechem, and Bunah was before Dinah and attended on her, and Simeon came to her, and she bare to him Shaul,”
45:4 “And Judah went at that time to Adulam, and he came to a man of Adulam, and his name was Hirah, and Judah saw there the daughter of a man from Canaan, and her name was Aliyath, the daughter of Shua, and he took her, and came to her, and Aliyath bare to Judah, Er, Onan and Shelah; three sons.” (Gen 46:12)
45:5 “And Levi and Issachar went to the land of the east, and they took to themselves for wives the daughters of Jobab the son of Yoktan, the son of Eber; and Jobab the son of Yoktan had two daughters; the name of the elder was Adinah, and the name of the younger was Aridah.”
45:6 “And Levi took Adinah, and Issachar took Aridah, and they came to the land of Canaan, to their father’s house, and Adinah bare to Levi, Gershon, Kehas and Merari; three sons.”
45:7 “And Aridah bare to Issachar Tola, Phuvah, Job and Shimron, four sons; and Dan went to the land of Moab And took for a wife Aphlaleth, the daughter of Chamudan the Moabite, and he brought her to the land of Canaan.” (Gen 46:13)
45:8 “And Aphlaleth was barren, she had no offspring, and God afterward remembered Aphlaleth the wife of Dan, and she conceived and bare a son, and she called his name Chushim.”
45:9 “And Gad and Naphtali went to Haran and took from there the daughters of Amuram the son of Uz, the son of Nahor, for wives.”
45:10 “And these are the names of the daughters of Amuram; the name of the elder was Merimah, and the name of the younger Uzith; and Naphtali took Merimah, and Gad took Uzith; and brought them to the land of Canaan, to their father’s house.”
45:11 “And Merimah bare to Naphtali Jahzeel, Guni, Jezer and Shilem, four sons; and Uzith bare to Gad Ziphion, Haggi, Shuni, Ezbon, Eri, Arodi and Areli, seven sons.” (Gen 46:24,16)
45:12 “And Asher went forth and took Adon the daughter of Aphlal, the son of Hadad, the son of Ishmael, for a wife, and he brought her to the land of Canaan.”
45:13 “And Adon the wife of Asher died in those days; she had no offspring; and it was after the death of Adon that Asher went to the other side of the river and took for a wife Hadurah the daughter of Abimael, the son of Eber, the son of Shem.”
45:14 “And the young woman was of a comely appearance, and a woman of sense, and she had been the wife of Malkiel the son of Elam, the son of Shem.”
45:15 “And Hadurah bare a daughter to Malkiel, and he called her name Serach, and Malkiel died after this, and Hadurah went and remained in her father’s house.”
45:16 “And after the death of the wife of Asher he went and took Hadurah for a wife, and brought her to the land of Canaan, and Serah her daughter he also brought with them, and she was three years old, and the damsel was brought up in Jacob’s house.”
45:17 “And the damsel was of a comely appearance, and she went in the sanctified ways of the children of Jacob; she lacked nothing, and the Lord gave her wisdom and understanding.”
45:18 “And Hadurah the wife of Asher conceived and bare to him Jimnah, Ishuah, Ishui and Beriah; four sons.”
45:19 “And Zebulun went to Midian, and took for a wife Merishah the daughter of Molad, the son of Abida, the son of Midian, and brought her to the land of Canaan.”
45:20 “And Merushah bare to Zebulun Sered, Elon and Jahleel; three sons.” (Gen 46:14)
45:21 “And Jacob sent to Aram, the son of Zoba, the son of Terah, and he took for his son, Benjamin, Mechalia the daughter of Aram, and she came to the land of Canaan to the house of Jacob; and Benjamin was ten years old when he took Mechalia the daughter of Aram for a wife.”
45:22 “And Mechalia conceived and bare to Benjamin Belah, Becher, Ashbel, Gera and Naaman, five sons; and Benjamin went afterward and took for a wife Aribath, the daughter of Shomron, the son of Abraham, in addition to his first wife, and he was eighteen years old; and Aribath bare to Benjamin Ehi, Rosh, Muppim, Huppim, and Ard; five sons.” (Gen 46:21)
45:23 “And in those days Judah went to the house of Shem and took Tamar the daughter of Elam, the son of Shem, for a wife for his firstborn Er.”
45:24 “And Er came to his wife Tamar, and she became his wife, and when he came to her he outwardly destroyed his seed, and his work was evil in the sight of the Lord, and the Lord slew him.”
45:25 “And it was after the death of Er, Judah’s firstborn, that Judah said to Onan, go to your brother’s wife and marry her as the next of kin, and raise up seed to your brother.”
45:26 “And Onan took Tamar for a wife and he came to her, and Onan also did like to the work of his brother, and his work was evil in the sight of the Lord, and he slew him also.”
45:27 “And when Onan died, Judah said to Tamar, remain in your father’s house until my son Shelah shall have grown up, and Judah did no more delight in Tamar, to give her to Shelah, for he said, peradventure he will also die like his brothers.”
45:28 “And Tamar rose up and went and remained in her father’s house, and Tamar was in her father’s house for some time.”
45:29 “And at the revolution of the year, Aliyath the wife of Judah died; and Judah was comforted for his wife, and after the death of Aliyath, Judah went up with his friend Hirah to Timnah to shear their sheep.”
45:30 “And Tamar heard that Judah had gone up to Timnah to shear the sheep, and that Shelah was grown up, and Judah did not delight in her.”
45:31 “And Tamar rose up and put off the garments of her widowhood, and she put a vail on her, and she entirely covered herself, and she went and sat in the public thorough fare, which is on the road to Timnah.”
45:32 “And Judah passed and saw her and took her and he came to her, and she conceived by him, and at the time of being delivered, behold, there were twins in her womb, and he called the name of the first Pharez, and the name of the second Zarah.

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