The Book of Enoch

Chapter 32

32:1 “From thence I went on towards the extremities of the earth; where I saw large beasts different from each other, and birds various in their countenances and forms, as well as with notes of different sounds.”
32:2 “To the east of these beasts I perceived the extremities of the earth, where heaven ceased. The gates of heaven stood open, and I beheld the celestial stars come forth. I numbered them as they proceeded out of the gate, and wrote them all down, as they came out one by one according to their number. I wrote down their names altogether, their times and their seasons, as the angel Uriel, who was with me, pointed them out to me.”
32:3 “He showed them all to me, and wrote down an account of them.”
32:4 “He also wrote down for me their names, their regulations, and their operations.”

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