The Book of Enoch

Chapter 94

94:1 “O that my eyes were clouds of water, that I might weep over you, and pour forth my tears like rain, and rest from the sorrow of my heart!”
94:2 “Who has permitted you to hate and to transgress? Judgment shall overtake you, you sinners.”
94:3 “The righteous shall not fear the wicked; because God will again bring them into your power, that you may avenge yourselves of them according to your pleasure.”
94:4 “Woe to you who shall be so bound by execrations, that you cannot be released from them; the remedy being far removed from you on account of your sins. Woe to you who recompense your neighbor with evil; for you shall be recompensed according to your works.”
94:5 “Woe to you, you false witnesses, you who aggravate iniquity; for you shall suddenly perish.”
94:6 “Woe to you, you sinners; for you reject the righteous; for you receive or reject at pleasure those who commit iniquity; and their yoke shall prevail over you.”

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