The Book of Enoch

Chapter 67

67:1 “After this he gave me the characteristical marks of all the secret things in the book of my great grandfather, Enoch, and in the parables which had been given to him; inserting them for me among the words of the book of parables.”
67:2 “At that time, holy Michael answered and said to Raphael, The power of the spirit hurries me away, and impels me on. The severity of the judgment, of the secret judgment of the angels, who is capable of beholding – the endurance of that severe judgment which has taken place and been made permanent without being melted at the sight of it? Again holy Michael answered and said to holy Raphael, Who is there whose heart is not softened by it, and whose reins are not troubled at this thing?”
67:3 “Judgment has gone forth against them by those who have thus dragged them away; and that was, when they stood in the presence of the Lord of spirits.”
67:4 “In like manner also holy Rakael said to Raphael, They shall not be before the eye of the Lord; since the Lord of spirits has been offended with them; for like lords have they conducted themselves. Therefore will he bring upon them a secret judgment forever and ever.”
67:5 “For neither shall angel nor man receive a portion of it; but they alone shall receive their own judgment forever and ever.”

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