The Book of Enoch

Chapter 64 [Section 11]

64:1 “In those days Noah saw that the earth became inclined, and that destruction approached.”
64:2 “Then he lifted up his feet, and went to the ends of the earth, to the dwelling of his great grandfather Enoch.”
64:3 “And Noah cried with a bitter voice, Hear me; hear me; hear me: three times. And he said, Tell me what is transacting upon earth; for the earth labors, and is violently shaken. Surely I shall perish with it.”
64:4 “After this there was a great perturbation on earth, and a voice was heard from heaven. I fell down on my face, when my great grandfather, Enoch, came and stood by me.”
64:5 “He said to me, Why have you cried out to me with a bitter cry and lamentation?”
64:6 “A commandment has gone forth from the Lord against those who dwell on the earth, that they may be destroyed; for they know every secret of the angels, every oppressive and secret power of the devils, and every power of those who commit sorcery, as well as of those who make molten images in the whole earth.”
64:7 “They know how silver is produced from the dust of the earth, and how on the earth the metallic drop exists; for lead and tin are not produced from earth, as the primary fountain of their production.”
64:8 “There is an angel standing upon it, and that angel struggles to prevail.”
64:9 “Afterwards my great grandfather, Enoch, seized me with his hand, raising me up, and saying to me, Go, for I have asked the Lord of spirits respecting this perturbation of the earth; who replied, On account of their impiety have their innumerable judgments been consummated before me. Respecting the months have they inquired, and they have known that the earth will perish with those who dwell upon it, and that to these there will be no place of refuge forever.”
64:10 “They have discovered secrets, and they are those who have been judged; but not you, my son. The Lord of spirits knows that you are pure and good, free from the reproach of discovering secrets.”
64:11 “He, the Holy One, will establish your name in the midst of the saints, and will preserve you from those who dwell upon the earth. He will establish your seed in righteousness, with dominion and great glory; and from your seed shall spring forth righteous and holy men without number forever.”

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