The Book of Enoch

Chapter 99

99:1 “In those days the angels shall descend into places of concealment, and gather together in one spot all who have assisted in crime.”
99:2 “In that day shall the Most High rise up to execute the great judgment upon all sinners, and to commit the guardianship of all the righteous and holy to the holy angels, that they may protect them as the apple of an eye, until every evil and every crime be annihilated.”
99:3 “Whether or not the righteous sleep securely, wise men shall then truly perceive.”
99:4 “And the sons of the earth shall understand every word of that book, knowing that their riches cannot save them in the ruin of their crimes.”
99:5 “Woe to you, you sinners, when you shall be afflicted on account of the righteous in the day of the great trouble; shall be burnt in the fire; and be recompensed according to your deeds.”
99:6 “Woe to you, you perverted in heart, who are watchful to obtain an accurate knowledge of evil, and to discover terrors. No one shall assist you.”
99:7 “Woe to you, you sinners; for with the words of your mouths, and with the work of your hands, have you acted impiously; in the flame of a blazing fire shall you be burnt.”
99:8 “And now know you, that the angels shall inquire into your conduct in heaven; of the sun, the moon, and the stars, shall they inquire respecting your sins; for upon earth you exercise jurisdiction over the righteous.”
99:9 “Every cloud shall bear witness against you, the snow, the dew, and the rain; for all of them shall be withheld from you, that they may not descend upon you, nor become subservient to your crimes.”
99:10 “Now then, bring gifts of salutation to the rain; that, not being withheld, it may descend upon you; and to the dew, if it has received from you gold and silver. But when the frost, snow, cold, every snowy wind, and every suffering belonging to them, fall upon you, in those days you will be utterly incapable of standing before them.”

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