The Book of Enoch

Chapter 39

39:1 “In those days shall the elect and holy race descend from the upper heavens, and their seed shall then be with the sons of men. Enoch received books of indignation and wrath, and books of hurry and agitation.”
39:2 “Never shall they obtain mercy, says the Lord of spirits.”
39:3 “A cloud then snatched me up, and the wind raised me above the surface of the earth, placing me at the extremity of the heavens.”
39:4 “There I saw another vision; I saw the habitations and couches of the saints. There my eyes beheld their habitations with the angels, and their couches with the holy ones. They were entreating, supplicating, and praying for the sons of men; while righteousness like water flowed before them, and mercy like dew was scattered over the earth. And thus shall it be with them forever and forever.”
39:5 “At that time my eyes beheld the dwelling of the elect, of truth, faith, and righteousness.”
39:6 “Countless shall be the number of the holy and the elect, in the presence of God forever and forever.”
39:7 “Their residence I beheld under the wings of the Lord of spirits. All the holy and the elect sung before him, in appearance like a blaze of fire; their mouths being full of blessings, and their lips glorifying the name of the Lord of spirits. And righteousness incessantly dwelt before him.”
39:8 “There was I desirous of remaining, and my soul longed for that habitation. There was my antecedent inheritance; for thus had I prevailed before the Lord of spirits.”
39:9 “At that time I glorified and extolled the name of the Lord of spirits with blessing and with praise; for he has established it with blessing and with praise, according to his own good pleasure.”
39:10 “That place long did my eyes contemplate. I blessed and said, Blessed be he, blessed from the beginning forever. In the beginning, before the world was created, and without end is his knowledge.”
39:11 “What is this world? Of every existing generation those shall bless you who do not sleep in the dust, but stand before your glory, blessing, glorifying, exalting you, and saying, The holy, holy Lord of spirits, fills the whole world of spirits.”
39:12 “There my eyes beheld all who, without sleeping, stand before him and bless him, saying, Blessed be you, and blessed be the name of God forever and forever. Then my countenance became changed, until I was incapable of seeing.”

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