The Book of Enoch

Chapter 72 [Section 14]

72:1 “After this law I beheld another law of an inferior luminary, the name of which is the moon, and the orb of which is as the orb of heaven.”
72:2 “Its chariot, which it secretly ascends, the wind blows; and light is given to it by measure.”
72:3 “Every month at its exit and entrance it becomes changed; and its periods are as the periods of the sun. And when in like manner its light is to exist, its light is a seventh portion from the light of the sun.”
72:4 “Thus it rises, and at its commencement towards the east goes forth for thirty days.”
72:5 “At that time it appears, and becomes to you the beginning of the month. Thirty days it is with the sun in the gate from which the sun goes forth.”
72:6 “Half of it is in extent seven portions, one half; and the whole of its orb is void of light, except a seventh portion out of the fourteen portions of its light. And in a day it receives a seventh portion, or half that portion, of its light. Its light is by sevens, by one portion, and by the half of a portion. It sets with the sun.”
72:7 “And when the sun rises, the moon rises with it; receiving half the portion of light.”
72:8 “On that night, whit commences its period, previously to the day of the month, the moon sets with the sun.”
72:9 “And on that night it is dark in its fourteen portions, that is, in each half; but it rises on that day with one seventh portion precisely, and in its progress declines from the rising of the sun.”
72:10 “During the remainder of its period, its light increases to fourteen portions.”

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