The Book of Enoch

Chapter 60

60:1 “In those days I beheld long ropes given to those angels; who took to their wings, and fled, advancing towards the north.”
60:2 “And I inquired of the angel, saying, Wherefore have they taken those long ropes, and gone forth? He said, They are gone forth to measure.”
60:3 “The angel, who proceeded with me, said, These are the measures of the righteous; and cords shall the righteous bring, that they may trust in the name of the Lord of spirits forever and ever.”
60:4 “The elect shall begin to dwell with the elect.”
60:5 “And these are the measures which shall give faith, and which shall strengthen the words of the righteous.”
60:6 “These measures shall reveal all the secrets in the depth of the earth.”
60:7 “And it shall be, that those who have been destroyed in the desert, and who have been devoured by the fish of the sea, and by wild beasts, shall return, and trust in the day of the Elect One; for none shall perish in the presence of the Lord of spirits, nor shall any be capable of perishing.”
60:8 “Then they received the commandment, all who were in heavens above; to whom a combined power, voice, and splendor, like fire were given.”
60:9 “And first, with their voice, they blessed him, they exalted him, they glorified him with wisdom, and ascribed to him wisdom with the word, and with the breath of life.”
60:10 “Then the Lord of spirits seated upon the throne of his glory the Elect One;”
60:11 “Who shall judge all the works of the holy, in heaven above, and in a balance shall he weigh their actions. And when he shall lift up his countenance to judge their secret ways in the word of the name of the Lord of spirits, and their progress in the path of the righteous judgment of God Most High;”
60:12 “They shall all speak with united voice; and bless, glorify, exalt, and praise, in the name of the Lord of spirits.”
60:13 “He shall call to every power of the heavens, to all the holy above, and to the power of God. The Cherubim, the Seraphim, and the Ophanin, all the angels of power, and all the angels of the Lord’s, namely the Elect One, and of the other power, who was upon earth over the water on that day,”
60:14 “Shall raise their united voice; shall bless, glorify, praise, and exalt with the spirit of faith, with the spirit of wisdom and patience, with the spirit of mercy, with the spirit of judgment and peace, and with the spirit of benevolence; all shall say with united voice: Blessed is he; and the name of the Lord of spirits shall be blessed forever and forever; all, who sleep not, shall bless it in heaven above.”
60:15 “All the holy in heaven shall bless it; all the elect who dwell in the garden of life; and every spirit of light, who is capable of blessing, glorifying, exalting, and praising your holy name; and every mortal man, more than the powers of heaven, shall glorify and bless your name forever and ever.”
60:16 “For great is the mercy of the Lord of spirits; long suffering is he; and all his works, all his power, great as are the things which he has done, has he revealed to the saints and to the elect, in the name of the Lord of spirits.”

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