The Book of Enoch

Chapter 87

87:1 “Then I looked at that one of the four white men who came forth first;”
87:2 “He seized the first star which fell down from heaven.”
87:3 “And binding it hand and foot, he cast it into a valley; a valley narrow, deep, stupendous, and gloomy.”
87:4 “Then one of them drew his sword, and gave it to the elephants, camels, and asses, who began to strike each other. And the whole earth shook on account of them.”
87:5 “And when I looked in the vision, behold, one of those four angels, who came forth, hurled from heaven, collected together, and took all the great stars, whose form partly resembled that of horses; and binding them all hand and foot, cast them into the cavities of the earth.”

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