The Book of Enoch

Chapter 74

74:1 “These are the leaders of the chiefs of the thousands, those which preside over all creation, and over all the stars; with the four days which are added and never separated from the place allotted them, according to the complete computation of the year.”
74:2 “And these serve four days, which are not computed in the computation of the year.”
74:3 “Respecting them, men greatly err, for these luminaries truly serve, in the mansion of the world, one day in the first gate, one in the third gate, and in the fourth , and one in the sixth gate.”
74:4 “And the harmony of the world becomes complete every three hundred and sixty-fourth state of it. For the signs,”
74:5 “The seasons,”
74:6 “The years,”
74:7 “And the days, Uriel showed me; the angel whom the Lord of glory appointed over the luminaries.”
74:8 “Of heaven in heaven, and in the world; that they might rule in the face of the sky, and appearing over the earth, become”
74:9 “Conductors of the days and nights: the sun, the moon, the stars, and all the ministers of heaven, which make their circuit with all the chariots of heaven.”
74:10 “Thus Uriel showed me twelve gates open for the circuit of the chariots of the sun in heaven, from which the rays of the sun shoot forth.”
74:11 “From these proceed heat over the earth, when they are opened in their stated seasons. They are for the winds, and the spirit of the dew, when in their seasons they are opened; opened in heaven at its extremities.”
74:12 “Twelve gates I beheld in heaven, at the extremities of the earth, through which the sun, moon, and stars, and all the works of heaven, proceed at their rising and setting.”
74:13 “Many windows also are open on the right and on the left.”
74:14 “One window at a certain season grows extremely hot. So also are there gates from which the stars go forth as they are commanded, and in which they set according to their number.”
74:15 “I saw likewise the chariots of heaven, running in the world above to those gates in which the stars turn, which never set. One of these is greater than all, which goes around the whole world.”

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